Splah page Part 1

My passion is to make your home shine with
luxurious home décor.


rom exclusive materials we make stylish cushions, elegant bedspreads, classic curtains, refined chair covers, fantastic chill out sofas or wonderful lounge cushions. Our selected suppliers deliver curtain rods and rails made of the finest stainless steel. In addition, we source handcrafted wooden poles and also stylish roller blind systems.

As the fruit of our collaboration, wouldn’t you like to stand wide-eyed in amazement at your newly renovated home? We accomplish everything: starting from the concept design via the selection of materials and culminating in the timely delivery and on the spot decoration of your home. Let my twelve-year experience on Ibiza serve as your inspiration. You will be surprised at the unique and upscale appearance of the results.

I invite you to take this opportunity of joining with me in transforming your home into something really special!

Susanne Schmidt

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