Bed linen, Bedspreads and Bed surrounds

Decorative bedspreads made of fantastic fabrics, combined with extravagant curtains and drapes create your dream ambience. We manufacture for you luxurious plaids from premium fleeces lined with the finest silk. Through covering the bed surrounds and bed headboards with exceptional materials these acquire a special appearance. We use, among other things, minimalist linens, opulent velvet, the finest silk and also exquisite leather. The bed surrounds, moreover, may be made removable and thereby easy to clean.

The bed headboards can also be made removable or indeed in an upholstered version. Many exceptional Deco cushions, in a wide range of sizes and designs, lend a very special style to the bed.

Many unique decorative cushions, in various sizes and designs, give the bed a very special style.

Beautiful bedspreads, made to measure, are one of the highlights of your oasis of well-being.

You will also find the Sabine Stiegler collection in our range – bedlinen, cushions, plaids and accessories for living, relaxing, sleeping, loving, traveling … to be comfortable. First class fabrics, plain designs and craftmanship production are the ingredients.

©Sabine Stiegler
©Ian Sanderson

13th June 2019