Chill out Sofas, Daybeds and Chaise Longues

Wonderful chill out sofas in electrifying colour combinations, made with sun-resistant indoor/outdoor materials, and the matching airy curtains invite one to indulge in sun worship!

Exclusive chaise longues and daybeds with super soft upholstery and individually upholstered cushions help to make a summer mood. Our exclusive outdoor materials are sun resistant, antifungal and water repellent. They are available in the most beautiful colours and patterns. For curtains and drapery for daybeds or chill out sofas, as well as for mosquito nets, light and thin outdoor materials and fabrics come to good use.

Where individual Deco cushions are concerned, there is a great variety of shape and size. Through the high quality of the materials that I employ the fading and the rapid wear and tear of the fabrics are impeded. This ensures that you have lasting enjoyment.

©UV Pro
©Jean-Paul Gaultier

13th June 2019