Sofa and chair covers

I have a passion for decorative, removable sofa and chair covers. Your furniture items thereby acquire a luxurious or modern look. Through the use of the finest fabrics and high quality workmanship the sofa and chair covers that we make become a sublime eye-catcher. The sofa cover is made in such a way that it fully conforms to the upholstered sofa. The difference, however, consists in the fact that the sofa cover is removable and can be easily cleaned. Through concealed sewn zippers the removal of the sofa cover is amazingly simple.

The chair cover can completely transform and enhance the appearance of the chair itself. Chair covers are created to fit the shape of the chair with pleats and sashes or even left simple. In this way the chair or sofa cover genuinely fits the ambience of your home.

©Jean-Paul Gaultier

13th June 2019