Splah page Part 4


The most exclusive fabric companies supply me with their collections for selection of the appropriate décor for your Ibiza idyll. At trade fairs and showrooms I am constantly seeking the highest quality and most beautiful fabrics for indoor and outdoor areas. For indoor areas: luxurious velvet, the finest silk or cool linens with opulent patterns or exclusive designs.

In outdoor areas we use high quality outdoor fabrics which are sun-resistant, antifungal and water repellent. So-called indoor/outdoor fabrics are ideal for use in areas subject to strong sunshine.

Studio workshop

In my studio workshop the production is carried out on the basis of professional precision work, with first class accessories, to ensure the work is delivered on schedule and precise in every detail. I place special emphasis on usability and durability. Details such as cording (material piping), attached seams, good interior finishing, robust zippers, high quality linings, top class foam materials and feather pillows are all standard in my workshop.

With abundant creativity, great team spirit and a really exceptional studio workshop location I am able to work with a highly motivated team of ladies to realise the home décor of your dreams.


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